Work with Mpjdesign.

It’s what you get that matters. A project to be proud of. Results that really make a difference. But to reach those results, you need a clear map to guide you and the flexibility to change course when you need to.

You already know what you’re facing. You know where you are now, and where you need to be.

And this is how we’ll get you there.

Long-term relationships.

For better results.

You know your organisation inside–out. But it’s our business to know your business almost as well as you do.

Even if you’re starting with a single project, we’ll treat it like the start of a long and fruitful relationship. We’ll sit down and get to know each other, so we’re both sure we’ve found a good fit.

Then, as our relationship gets stronger, we’ll get to know your processes, your people, and your customers. We’ll develop the understanding it takes to deliver better results, more efficiently.

Structure's useful.

But nothing's set in stone.

Fools rush in, and you wouldn’t want to work with a fool. So we take a structured, considered approach to every project.

For us, it’s a cycle of continuous improvement. We’ll:

Focus on your top priority (Consulting) Deliver on it as soon as possible (Design & Development) Analyse the work to identify your next priority (Analysis) Repeat the process in ever-improving cycles It’s this iterative approach that means your project gets done fast – then continues to get better. We get it done. Then we go back and improve. Refine. Evolve.

And this small, repetitive structure has the advantage of flexibility. As your priorities shift, it’s quicker and easier to change tack and go in a different direction.

A partnership that's enduring.

And not exacting.

One day a month? It’s a deal. For the next three years? Yep, we can help.

It’s our job to help you to do your job. And that means a partnership that lasts, but doesn’t lock you into a restrictive contract. We’ll discuss a duration that makes sense for your project, with the understanding that things change.

So when there’s an emergency, or something special in the pipeline, we’re ready to help. No long–term contract. Just work with a long–term impact.

Working together.

If that works for you.

Our process is designed to work as a whole, from those exciting first discussions about what you have in mind, to that moment you see it all coming together.

But if you only need a part of the process, that’s fine with us. We’ll slot in alongside your in–house teams, giving you the advantage of the skills you’re missing, and training them to fill the gaps.

So your existing team can focus what they do best. And we’ll help them develop the skills to do it even better.