With Mpjdesign, your business is our business.

Sometimes you want people to stick their noses into your business. To take an honest, independent look at what you do and how you do it. To uncover opportunities for improvement. To help you beat a path to your goals and ambitions, without letting your preconceptions get in the way. We provide consultancy that gives you a clearer view.

Let’s find problems (before we find answers).

Maybe you’re looking for a big new web application, or a refresh to bring your site bang up to date. But those are the means, not the motive. And nothing’s more important than motivation. We’ll forge a long-term relationship with your business. We’ll get to know what you’re all about, what got you where you are, and where you’re going in the future. We’ll dig into your processes and the problems you’re facing. That’s not always the one you can see most clearly. And then we’ll can help you find the right way to overcome them. Which isn’t always the way you expect.

Design and development (or not).

As you’d expect, we think design and development can be the perfect answer to a problem. The right application could automate your processes. A stunning digital presence could help you connect with new prospects. Together, they could transform the way you do business. But sometimes the answer is something else entirely. It’s incredibly difficult to address a business process problem with a technical solution. So we’ll always advise you on what we think should be done. Even if we’re not best placed to deliver it.

Far from your thinking (but close to your culture).

You need consultancy because you need an outside voice. But you still want to work with a team that speaks your language. Because we invest in real relationships, we’ll fit into your organisation and align your way of thinking with our own ideas. We’ll get a grip on the way you do things, while keeping hold of our uniquely external perspective. So whatever we suggest, it’s not a catch-all for every business – it’s an idea that makes sense for you. And it’s not just corporate culture. With our French-English bicultural experience, we’re ready to help UK businesses operate in France, or support French firms as they work to reach an English-speaking audience.