With Mpjdesign, it’s more than code.

You development, and that’s something we can help with. But development isn’t just building something. It’s more than construction and code. Because it’s your business that you’re developing. You want to build something new that lets you and your customers do something different. So we’ll work to your goals with development in the true sense of the word – ongoing change, improvement, and growth.

Practical development (with people at its heart).

Development isn’t about bits and bytes. It’s about people – specifically, you and your users. For you, we’ll go right back to your goals and what you want to achieve. The right idea might not be one you’ve thought of yet. It’s something simpler. Often, it’s something more affordable. So we’ll help you find it. That way, we can be sure we’re working towards the right tool for the job – a web application, a mobile app, or a series of individual yet interlinked projects. And for your users, we’ll consider usability and convenience at every level. We’ll provide training where necessary. So no matter how complicated your application is beneath the surface, the experience of using it is dead simple.

No ego (and no lock in).

While effective development keeps its focus on people, we don’t count ourselves. All we want is to give you what you need. If we can use off-the-shelf tools, that’s exactly what we’ll do. After all, they’re more proven, time-tested, and well-documented than anything we could do in the same length of time. Or in a tight budget. And when it comes to best practices, we follow them. We don’t think we know better than all the people that have come before. The thriving development community. The experts in their fields. We stick to set standards because they set a benchmark for quality. So you get an application that’s tested beyond its years – and is easy for any developer to work with, even years down the line.

Development in small pieces (with big results).

In development, big is rarely best. When features bloat and applications expand, it gets harder to maintain control and make changes. That’s why our approach to development is iterative. We begin with a focus on the functionality you really need, measure the results, then make incremental improvements. And if you need features beyond the scope of your application, that’s simple. We’ll create a separate, smaller application that does whatever you need.